Concerts and events with the premiertone artists

The upcoming week begins with a real highlight: As one of 46 young violinists, Leonard Fu takes part in the ARD Music Competition 2017! In the first round, he plays works by Bach, Paganini and Lutosławski on August 29th. We keep our fingers crossed!

Former winners of the ARD Music Competition can be heard on September 1st at the Mosel Musikfestival: Ramón Ortega Quero and other laureates of this renowned… Read more


Concerts and events with the premiertone artists

Only in May 2017, Thorsten Johanns performed the premiere of "Passages", a composition for clarinet and orchestra by Philippe Manoury. This week, he'll play it once again at an open air concert with the Orchestre de Chambre de Paris on August 26th. He'll also interpret Mozart's famous Clarinet Concerto - you can already get a taste of this piece on YouTube (accompanied by the WDR Sinfonieorchester… Read more


Together with Ariane Haering, Silvia Careddu and Alexander Neubauer, the Hugo Wolf Quartet founded the Alban Berg Ensemble Wien in 2016. Some days ago, the ensemble uploaded a new video which we would like to recommend to you today:


Concerts and events with the premiertone artists

The upcoming week starts - musically - with the Trio Karénine: The ensemble plays works by Beethoven, Schumann and Chausson at the Festival de Bourg-Madame in France on August 14th (you can get a small taste of their interpretation of the Schumann trio here). The Novus String Quartet also travels to France to perform in… Read more


Concerts and events with the premiertone artists

Following some quiet weeks, there are again plenty of concerts with the premiertone artists to announce for the next days! Let's start with violinist Laura Zarina: She plays works by Paganini and Schubert in Frankfurt (Main) on August 12th, accompanied by guitarist Heike Matthiesen. At the Kammermusikfest Kloster Kamp, you can listen to Thorsten Johanns from the 13th of August - he appears at several concerts during this festival. Also on… Read more


Concerts and events with the premiertone artists

This week, the Novus String Quartet starts into a quite eventful month: Before setting off to their anniversary concert tour through Korea, the ensemble plays some concerts in France and Germany during the next weeks. They appear, for example, on August 5th in Dresden with works by Haydn, Tchaikovsky and Yun. Further chamber music concerts take place in Wendessen and Meldorf: Jasmin-Isabel Kühne can be… Read more


Concerts and events with the premiertone artists

This week's preview starts with an interview instead of a concert: On July 24th from 4-5pm, you can listen to Nicholas Rimmer live on air! He answered the famous "Fragenkoffer" of "WDR 3 Tonart" some weeks ago and talked, for example, about his favourite drinks and breakdowns in the concert business.

Marianna Shirinyan is another one of the premiertone artists who cannot only be seen in a concert this week - she arranged… Read more


There are so many wonderful new CDs with the premiertone artists that we hardly succeed in recommending them all to you: This week, we would like to present the new album "Idée Fixe" (Vol. 1) with Barbara Buntrock and the Mariani Klavierquartett! The four musicians recorded Enescu's first Piano Quartet as well as Fauré's second Piano Quartet for their CD. Barbara Buntrock explains: "We were fascinated by these works immediately and it became clear pretty fast that we would like to combine them in a CD project." The two quartets fit very well together - after all, Enescu was one of Fauré's pupils… Read more


Concerts and events with the premiertone artists

This time, our preview starts with the Novus String Quartet: The quartet interpretes works by Webern, Mozart and Mendelssohn Bartholdy in Wörthsee on July 22nd. Mozart is also on the program of a concert with Johanna Dömötör and Christoph Bielefeld: The two musicians play Mozart’s Concerto for Flute, Harp and Orchestra together with the kammerphilharmonie da capo in… Read more


Concerts and events with the premiertone artists

Lots of festivals and masterclasses - that's probably a pretty good summary of the premiertone artists' calendar for this week!

Like already in the week before, you can listen to the duo DoubleBeats at Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern – they take part in the festival's education program on July 10th and 15th. During MDR Musiksommer, Trio Karénine appears on July 16th at the castle in Eisenach, and as a… Read more